Sunday, April 10, 2016

Jacksonville, FL and New Orleans, LA

12/7/14 - 4/29/16

It is so easy to get caught up in certain social media and Doug posting everything we do on there, that I didn't take the time to update anything here.  So, after 16 months, I think it might be about time.   

We had just arrived in Jacksonville, FL during our last post.  We spent almost one year there at Ortega Landing Marina and where I worked at St. Vincent's Hospital.  Over that year, we met some wonderful people that we do miss.

To all my friends at St. Vincent's

And people from the marina or from around town that we got to know... in no particular order : )

I know there are some people that we are leaving out, because I don't have pictures.  Our boat is still there in Jacksonville, so hopefully we will get to see some of them when we go back at the end of April.

The rest of the story may not be in exact chonological order, but what an exciting year it has been.

 We always love visiting with family!  I mixed the pictures up between my family and Doug's.

We sadly had to say goodbye to our cat, Mizzen.  She is in a loving home in North Carolina where we hear from her new owner that she is adjusting back to land life better than she tried to adjust to sea life.  We do miss her, but we are very happy she is doing better with them.

We were able to have our windows replaced, bought a new mattress for each room, put up new life line netting, got a new water heater and microwave, and did a couple of other projects on the boat.

We helped our friends, Don and Erin, deliver their gorgeous boat to Jacksonville.

And were able to help Tim Little get his intentionally demasted boat to the ship in West Palm Beach that would deliver it to Turkey!!  He is now travelling around Greece.

Well...I feel like I am forgetting some things, but that's quite enough.  We had a great time there!!  

Like I said before, we left our boat in Jacksonville and headed for New Orleans.  First, we went up to my parents house for Thanksgiving and then drove directly to New Orleans where I started working at Ochsner Medical Center on December 1. We've extended my contract and will be here until April 29.

This wasn't a place on our "bucket list," but we are extremely happy that we came.  Again, we've met some incredible people that have just taken us in.  "The Corner" as we call them have been so much fun, and we truly can't say enough about how at home in N'awlins they have made us feel.  I have to admit that I had to steal some (ok...a lot of) pictures from Kathy to get everyone. 

How "The Corner" got its name

The Roosevelt Hotel

Our first crawfish boil

Mardi Gras!

Our second crawfish boil

St. Patrick's Day Parade

Refried Confuzion jazz band

Horses on the levee

WW II museum

Mississippi River on the other side of the levee during a small flooding period

Great bike riding

Christmas boat parade on Lake Ponchatrain

Doug racing on Lake Ponchatrain

After race party

After race ER visit, not the same night of the party

I think we have had a great 16 months (well, except for that last picture) and look foward to what's coming up next! We are taking the month of May off to move the boat to where ever my next assignment is (we have no idea right now) and have been invited to spend 10-12 days in the Bahamas with Don and Erin. We are leaving on their boat from St. Augustine around May 10-13 and will be flying back around May 23-25 into Asheville for our niece's wedding on May 28.  We will definitely update you all after that.  Take care!!

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